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Hey everyone
My name is Ank
Today we are going to talk about popular tool used by wd gann
The square of 9

Lets take a look at what this is all about

Here it is

we have 1 in the centre and we move to the next circle where we find 9
If you remember wd gann said 3 5 7 9 and 12 are master numbers, well here is 9

Here we have even squares 4 16 36 64
And the odd squares 9 25 49 all the way to 361
This is also called odd and even numbers square because you can see all odd and even squares lined up on the same LINE, an opposition

But how do we use it
Well This is a square calculator you can see angles going higher and lower you can Also find angles like squares and trines the 90 180 270 360 and 120 240 360

There are 2 things important in square of 9
the angles within the circle and the line passing thru the same angle

Square of 9 helps us to know when time and price will come together
It is knowable in advance!
Again the price system cannot be understood without time cycles

Let me show you with examples how to use square of 9
Dow jones 13 December 2022 high 34712
19 december low 32581

Now we need to find these numbers in square of 9
We take 34712 and we take a square root 186.3
Now we know if it was exactly 186 it would’ve been on even square angle
And if it was 187 it would’ve been on odd square angle
But it’s 0.3 more so it should be 0.3 times distance between even and odd square
0.3 times 180 = 54, if you study gann you mustve heard about 52
So we have to move 54 degrees from 135 degree, because even square lies on 135
Which makes it one eightyyyy niineee approximately, interesting

Now i want you to do the same calculation with 32581 low in later December
When i think of December all i can dream about is cristmas
You should get 225 degrees

Now if you knew about time cycles you wouldve known in advance
That the low has to be at 225 degrees!!

Well that is a beautiful method because not only the angles repeat from the past time cycles but also the degrees moved can be understood with the help of cycleszz!!

I urge you to study cycles and once you do understand them, watch this video thoroughly again to complete the circle!!

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